ComplyMD Rebrands Company to Vincari, Representing the Company’s Speed And Accuracy Advantage for ICD-10 Surgical Documentation at the Point-of-care

Vincari's software platform, Lightspeed Valet, anticipates, learns and simplifies what surgeons need to successfully navigate ICD-10 and hospitals require for lower cost and appropriate reimbursement. | READ MORE


ICD-10 Transition

ComplyMD Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation easily converts physicians to ICD-10 specific language.
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Physician Satisfaction

Spend less time documenting and more time with your patients while also protecting your reputation.
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Instant Documentation

ComplyMD compresses the reimbursement cycle and helps ensure proper, rapid billing for services provided.
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Easy EMR Integration

Improve documentation quality in your EMR with ComplyMD Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation. 
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100% Compliant Documentation

Guidelines will continue to evolve, and with ComplyMD, so will your Physician’s compliant documentation.

Patient Acuity Capture

ComplyMD provides Physicians with an educational tool to ensure complete patient complexity capture.

CC/MCC Capture Integrity

ComplyMD ensures co-morbid and major co-morbid capture integrity so Hospitals and Physicians have healthier reputations and, most importantly, healthier patients.

Prevent Inappropriate Discharges

Not only does ComplyMD prevent Hospitals from losing reimbursement each year, but it also helps ensure proper care for each recovering patient.

Physician Satisfaction

Physicians embrace ComplyMD because it takes the same amount of time as dictating a procedural note, but saves time by reducing queries from CDI staff.

Reduce Recovery Audit Exposure

ComplyMD ensures that procedural documentation meets the demands of compliance, while delivering code appropriate language before it is submitted for billing.

Reduce Retrospective Queries

ComplyMD value-based documentation provides a solution to the problem before the mistake is made.

Decrease Delinquencies

ComplyMD drastically decreases delinquencies and allows HIM to measure their procedural report turn-around time in hours, not days.

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Profitability Checklist

I love ComplyMD! The time that I used to spend dictating is now spent at home with my family.

Sharee Livingston, D.O.